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Guideline on Renovation Permit Application
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Since I found it useful, as well share it here ...


(Thanks to Colin Aw)


GUIDELINE & PROCEDURE in applying MBSA permit. -Credit to Gene & CE Teh & Colin

Documents needed:
- 2x IC copy, (if joint name , need both person’s IC).
- 2x copyS&P (1for Cukai Pintu / 1for Permit)
- Photograph of Back & Front pics of your home – Fully Printed on A4 paper (best to take vertical shots, and have to ‘fit’ the whole house structure inside as much as possible) For Front pic, take it together with house number
- 1x CF copy
- total amount: rm 524 + Rm700 + rm1000 + Rm25

What to do: (as of my experience)
1. Settle Cukai Pintu letter first.(if you have not got the bill) Go to Lift B , level 2 (Jabatan Penilaian) and submit paperwork for letter. Also take note, it depends whether the officer in charge is around or not. You may get it in a few mins/next day (like what happened to me)
2. Go to Lift A Level 8 of Menara MBSA. buy a standard extension plan booklet from MBSA - RM25. The officer will explain to you what document is needed and which form to fill. 2 extra copy on the extension plan is needed (from the booklet-which you have to go to LG2 basement photostate centre). If the house is joint name, need both persons' signature on the relevant forms.
2. Prepare two cheques/cash (cash is easier):
a) RM 524 to MBSA (RM200 as renovation permit, RM324 as permit to put raw material)
b) RM 700 to MBSA Akaun Cagaran (RM 500 deposit for renovation, RM 200 deposit plan process)
c) RM1000 (prefer cash) to Alam Flora for rubbish tong. (RM 271 – 3tan / RM420- 7tan) will be deducted for 1st tong (a must), then the rest can refund and can use your contractor's tong. 
(max holding of RORO tong is 2weeks upon placement(including weekend & public holidays), where it will be charged daily after that , RM7/day -3 tan, 7 tan- not sure how much)
3. Go to Level 8, counter 3 to submit documents. Then go to level LG to make payment to MBSA and Alam Flora. Go back to Level 8 to get a slip and take the permit the second day (heard possible to get permit 4:30pm the same day too).
4. Opening hour 8am to 4:30pm . BUT, processing for permit is 8am-1230pm (Mon-thurs), 8am-1130am. So you have to make sure you must submit within this time.

Hope the above is useful for those applying permit. All the best. Pls keep this topic clean/unnecessary off topics



Procedures to claim back the deposit after renovation ( Thanks to CE )


And procedures to claim back the deposits - RM700 + RM700+ (Alarm Flora after deduct the 1st compulsory tong), prepare the following:

1. Fill up the form to request for deposit refund

2. Make photocopies of i) letter of approval for renovation and put raw material ii) IC iii) Alam Flora RM1000 receipt iv) CF

3. Take photos i) Front ii) Back iii) Back showing the side step on top of roof with neighbours

4. Submit document at Level 8 - MBSA will post letter when cheque ready

5. Go level LG to submit the form to Alam Flora - told will take 2 months to post refund in cheque

Note: Need to maintain a feet of land for extension at the back so taht the gutter does not protrude into the back alley when view side way, claimed by MBSA that's according to their Plan, otherwise RM500 deposit burnt

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Hi, need some advice from the expert.

I am planning to do kitchen extension and my unit is end lot.


1.)An architect firm told me the booklet from MBSA is not applicable for corner and end lot. Izzit true?

2.) Any consequences if i didn't send in the photos after completion of renovation to MBSA and do not wish to claim back the deposit from MBSA after

renovation? Will it cost any issue if i wish to sell my house later?

3.) What is the consequences if we have the roof gutter beyond the property area?

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Yes its true that the MBSA booklet is not relevant for end lot extension. You will need to submit architecture plans if you intend to extend sideways onto the 5' side land. I am currently in the midst of renovation with official approval from MBSA for the side extension. I used a 'runner' to handle the application and submission to MBSA (off course for a fee ... Reasonable though). Took us less than a month to complete the whole application process.
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Can you recommend your runner to me? How much did he charge?

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i have some question about extensions.. mine house is intermediate unit, i plan to extend my kitchen and balcony on the 1st floor. i did visit MBSA for the booklet & enquiry bout this stuff, but the officer said extension for 1st floor = extend your room, there is no such thing for balcony on your 1st floor backyard. Otherwise you need to get an architect drawing to apply, plan in booklet is not suitable. But in fact, i saw a lot of intermediate unit extend their 1st floor backyard as balcony along the jalan klinik...



a) they apply for extend ground & 1st floor in booklet & make it balcony for 1st floor.

b) ask architect to draw a drawing to apply..

c) the officer had misunderstanding that i wish to have 1st floor balcony w/o extend on ground floor???

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